Disadvantages of Gangstar Vegas Cheats

Playing in an alternate reality like in the City of Sin is very fun since in real life, people do not really have the guts or the means to wreak havoc. If they did do so in real life, they would be hunted down by the police or the individuals that survived their random streak of destruction. Since you can play in an alternate reality on your phone, you might as well cheat to get everything, right? Wrong.


Even if you acquire more cash, keys, diamonds, SP, and a VIP status with gangstar vegas cheats, you’ll be losing more, which are:

  • The Experience

The reason you played this game is because you get to have total freedom over your character’s life and actions, right? So, you should not destroy the opportunity for you to fully delve into the world where all evils occur and are done every day while still having an inkling of resemblance with current society. Besides, a game is called as is because it has some challenges that you need to beat. If you beat those challenges with cheats, that isn’t called a game anymore.

  • Your Phone

No, you will not lose your phone literally unless if you let someone steal it from you. This means that all the data stored in your phone might disappear. Why? It’s because of malware. If you aren’t careful when you are downloading or installing some engine or software, then you might have to say goodbye to the important things in your phone because some of those enticing download buttons may have had Trojan horses, worms, backdoors, or any other virus with them.

Better Yet

Just resort to the old fashionable way of playing: work hard for the goods, then spend it all over special events, clothes, guns, contents which are locked, and what have you.